Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Neighborhood Boo Game

Have you ever been boo'd? Not like at a sporting event, but with a surprise treat left at your doorstep by a sneaky neighbor? This game went around my parent's neighborhood several years ago and I decided to have the wee ones help me play in our neck of the woods. (OK, not woods but more like metropolitan area....)
The basics of the game are as follows:
  • Prepare a few treats for neighbors. (We did 6 since we are starting the game.)
  • Leave at their doorstep with a Boo note and directions. You can google boo game for ideas or I can email you a copy of the one we used.
  • The neighbors are instructed to hang the boo sign from a front window or door.
  • They also have two days in which to make two copies of the note and leave it with treats for two neighbors who haven't been boo'd yet.
That's it! We did some assorted Halloween candy for neighbors we don't know very well, homemade sugar cookies for the ones we do know, and a mug with teas for our diabetic neighbor. You could also do a single sunflower ($1 each at my grocery store this week!), a small potted mum, apple cider, even just some crisp apples!
We got caught by a few neighbors, but it was still fun! My battery was low so I didn't get any pics of the delivery, but here is what a few of the goodies looked like.

The poem I found to use reads like this, but if you e-mail me a request, I will send you the entire document with a friendly ghost, poem, and directions! A friend from church suggested including a halloween tract which made me think about including an invite to your church fall fest! I also thought that classrooms could do it within a school. If you boo your neighborhood, let me know how it goes!

To our good friends on the street;
Our homes location made us meet.
You now have been Boo'd, but who would we be?

We'll never tell, it's a secret, you see.
We placed these goodies for you and yours;
Then we ran away fast, after knocking on the door!
Happy Halloween

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