Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Standing Broom - Fun Party Trick!!

So several of my friends on Facebook (yes, I am ones of THOSE people) have been posting today about making an ordinary broom stand on its own. There have been a lot of silly explanations as to how this works, but my family was at least a teeny bit impressed this evening...
especially when it was STILL standing over 4 hours later when I finally got around to taking the picture! I also tried my big shop broom, but couldn't get it to work. My patio floor seemed to work the best, but I was able to get it to work in the kitchen as well. Anyway, feel free to impress your friends, especially the ones of the shorter variety. Just don't call CNN...they already did a story on this in Alabama....can you believe it, a real "news" story?!? Guess there are much worse things they could be reporting on though.

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  1. Hey, cool...think I'll try that. It looks pretty impressive, you know, just standing there!


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