Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Frugal Fall Fancies

UPDATED: I finally investigated the giant acorns a bit. They come from the burr oak tree and I found a site selling them in packs of five for $5 - AND they were sold out! Just look how much cash I have sitting in that bowl! And I have more in the basement....oh well, maybe next year!

How's that for an alliteration? I finally dug around in the basement and found the last of my October decorations. I will switch things up just a bit when I put away the Halloween things, but most everything will stay as is. So here goes with a few easy and very inexpensive ways to decorate your home.I found these GIANT acorn things under a tree at the local municipal airport my folks use when my dad flies in for a visit. I would hate to see the squirrel that eats these things! I usually put a few drops of cinnamon oil on a cotton ball and bury it under the acorns. The bowl is from my great-grandmother's dishes. After Thanksgiving, I just store them in a gallon ziplock.As you can see, the wee ones had to jump in a shot...all their idea, nice huh?

Next up - an idea that is as old as the hills, but you would be surprised at how many people don't do this simple centerpiece. I picked up my container several years ago off a sale table at a local craft/floral store. I use it with many different items throughout the year, usually with candy! My friends and family know NEVER eat the candy in the centerpiece! (Even Mr C already knows this!) I have had this candy corn for at least 7 years. I just put it in a ziplock at the end of the season and store it with my other Halloween decorations. Yes, sometimes the candy sticks to itself. I just break it up with my hands! I KNOW that candy corn isn't that expensive but I watch EVERY penny folks!

Next up...layered candle holders. So easy that your little ones could help you - unless they run the risk of sticking things up their nose! (Fortunately, that has not happened at my house yet.) Just buy a variety of dried beans, peas, and popcorn and layer them in a way that is pleasing to you. You can use any clear glass container. My mom has a really cool square one that she uses on her kitchen table. I wanted a variety of sizes so I choose two sizes of mason jars and a "flowerpot" candle holder. Nestle in a tea light and you have natural beauty in the daylight...
and all lit up at night! To store them, I put the small one and all its contents into a baggie. For the larger ones, I use a ring and lid to keep things nice and tight. No worries about any little creatures getting through the metal and glass!
Cupcake Daddy and Miss M just got home from AWANA and I need to hustle her in bed quickly! Thursday mornings are ROUGH at our house!


  1. Can't beat the candy corn as a decoration! LOVE the tea lights in the mason jars - what a great idea...
    pk @ Room Remix

  2. I've never seen acorns that huge! I love to use mason jars. They are simple and perfect. Great ideas!

  3. YAY for candy corn, I do that too!!! So cute! =)

  4. I love the mason jars! Cute idea!

  5. Cute ideas. I especially love the candy corn centerpiece (although I would probably sneak the candy corn and not be able to re-use it..but I TOTALLY hear you about watching those p's and q's)

  6. LOVE the dried beans and candle arrangements! I will have to try that!

  7. Love the candy corn candle! The mason jars are really unique pieces that can easily be changed up for the different seasons. Thanks for the great ideas!

  8. the mason jar candles are awesome! what a great idea! and i really like the candy corn candle arrangement! thanks for sharing!



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