Thursday, July 16, 2009

Blog Hop - Children's Parties

Kelly's Corner has a blog hop going on about children's birthday party ideas so I decided to join in. As you know, Miss M will be 6 at the end of the month so she has had a few parties already. With the exception of #1 and #2, she has helped plan all the parties. We even have our own Valentine and Halloween parties at home for a few friends. What can I say? We like celebrating!!
Les you think that Mr C is left out, he has had a theme for both his birthdays so far, but just hasn't assisted with the plans in anyway...yet!

Be sure to keep checking back to see the progress on B-day #6 - A Tea Party!

Birthday #5: Carnival Theme

Enter through streamers and a bubble machine to enjoy hot dogs, popcorn from a real popcorn machine borrowed from church, and fun games as well!
This picture doesn't really show the cake well, but it was a rice crispy treat Ferris wheel on a cake base.
We had several games set up - knock the cans with a tennis ball, "shooting gallery", and drop the clothespin in a jar. Miss M helped make signs for every game.
Face painting by Nana - I also learned to make a few balloon animals on the internet!
The favors were GIANT lollipops (the old fashioned looking ones) that we found for $1 at Walgreens. Repackaged in clear cellophane and tied with bright ribbon gave them the homemade touch!

Birthday #4 was a Princess Theme complete with the doll cake I am sure you have seen before. We also decorated each chair with ribbon and beads left from other projects. each chair was also labeled with Princess ______. Favors included plastic crowns and Mardi Gras beads in a reusable Disney princess lunch tote from Target $1 spot. The girls also made magic wands/scepters from dowel sticks and foam stars.

Birthday #3: Hello Kitty
I can't post pics because my computer lost them after I printed them out, but a Hello Kitty is super easy to make from a 9 x 12 cake. Just round the corners and reposition the pieces to use as ears. Slap on some white icing and use black icing for the whiskers and flattened gumdrops for the eyes and nose - no mouth needed! We used fruit by the foot to make a bow for her head too.

Birthday #2 was Clifford and 1st birthday was Barney - she LOVED the big purple guy!

For all our celebrations, I try to follow a few simple "rules"-
1. Use what you have around the house - don't buy a bunch of stuff if you are only going to use it once!
2. If we don't own it, we try to borrow it.
3. Favors should either be consumable or useful. I detest favors that are similar to the junk from fast food places. (We do food items, cups, bubbles, and similar items often.)
4. After age 2, the birthday child assists with invitations and thank you notes in some manner. (example: For b-day #2, Miss M "colored" a Clifford and I wrote a thank you message on it.) Young ones can also put themed stickers on invitations, envelopes, bubbles....
5. Thank you notes are REQUIRED! I try to get every child in at least one photo then we print out extra copies and write the thank you message on the back.


  1. Love the party idea.....There are some creative gals in the blog world. I enjoyed reading your blog and will be back to read more.


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