Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Snake Bubbles (AKA The Foamerator)

After taking a few years off, I recently began subscribing again to Family Fun Magazine. The first issue came today and I was impressed by some of the changes they have made. Miss M enjoyed looking through it with me and already has a list of things she wants to try. But seeing how I am working on a MOPS retreat, her birthday, and a host of other things, we had to pick something very quick and easy to try for now. Enter "Snake Bubbles" - so fast, we did it after supper tonight and still got the wee ones to bed on time!

Materials needed: empty water bottle, old towel, rubber band, and dish soap.

1. Cut off the bottom of the water bottle.
2. Cut out a circle from the towel a few inches larger than the bottom of the water bottle.
3. Attach the towel on the bottom of the water bottle with a rubber band - like so...

Now blow into the bottle and make some pretty neat bubbles. A passerby slowed down as he drove by to check out what we were doing!
I had to take over for Mr C...I think he got a little dizzy! What fun we had with our bubble contest to see who would make the longest snake!

PS Family Fun gave credit for this idea to Betz White, author, designer, crafter, and mom. You can see more of her ideas here!

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