Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Country Mouse, City Mouse

The wee ones and I, plus a friend and her wee one, are back from a road trip to see friends who are just like family. Actually, they are better than some of my family! HA!! Once upon a time, these friends lived in our fair city but moved to the country a few years ago after retirement. They are too busy to come visit us, so we had to go to them.I will post pics later, but check back for:
  • recipe and directions on how to make THE BEST party mints
  • pics of a sweet horse named Rosie - with my two wee ones riding her!
  • pics and supply list for my latest project
I also had the best time with my MOPS steering leaders over the weekend. We wrote a vision statement and goals for our group. MOPS is gonna ROCK this year....excited God is allowing me to be a part of the plan!

OK, bags to unpack and then off to bed. I stayed up WAY too late both nights with my friends. I told them when I got up this morning that my bags were already packed - in reference to my eyes!!

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