Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More Tea Party Plans

Miss M and I made the party invitations yesterday. This shot really doesn't show them off very well though. It was taken at night and all good bloggers know you don't post pics taken indoors at night! We printed out the party details on the computer and Miss M asked for "frizzy" words - "do you mean frilly, I asked?"
We mounted the info on pink cardstock and attached 3 strands of pearls and a pink bow in the corner. My spray glitter was acting up, so it just kinda came out in blobs. Not exactly the effect I was looking for, but the best we could do because they needed to go in the mail today. Nevertheless, Miss M was very pleased with the end result. Addressed with pink ink and a tea pot stamped on the envelope completed the project. I must also add that all the materials were leftovers from previous projects so we didn't buy a single supply!

One last note...I am heading to a paint your own pottery place tomorrow with some MOPS friends. I have wanted to try that for a long time and now I have my chance. Miss M is jealous and hopes I will take her in the future.

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