Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tie Dye Fun

Raise your hand if you have ever tried to tie dye something...I am betting there are lots of you out there. Last summer, Miss M was after me to let her try it. She got her chance at Cupcake Nana's house. Although you can certainly buy individual bottles of dye, kits are available. Since we were using several colors, a kit was a better buy for our project. The included squirt bottles were also helpful as well.

We decided to make matching shirts for the entire family, which included a bandanna for the dog Rudy! Our shirts came from Walgreens at a super cheap price, since they had slight imperfections although still a good quality weight. We didn't saturate our shirts for full coverage so I would probably be more liberal with my application next time.

I won't make this a step by step tutorial because I am guessing you already know the basics. If not though, there are good directions in both the kits and on the dye bottles. One important step, WEAR GLOVES unless you like having stained fingers for a day or two! You might also want to check here for step by step directions on making more advanced patterns.
Even Cupcake Daddy got in on the act!

Miss M was so happy with our shirts she requested we all wear them to her Carnival Party last year - and we were happy to oblige!

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