Friday, July 10, 2009

Tooth Fairy Fun & Party Prep

Miss M has decided on a tea party themed party that will be held at the end of the month when she turns 6. I found these little espresso cups and saucers at Old Time Pottery for $1.49 a set; they were the perfect size and a good price, but of course the logo would never do.
So Nana and glass paints came to the rescue. We found a way to cover up the logo and personalize each cup as a favor for the guests. They are not completely finished yet, but we will be posting more about the party prep as the month goes on. Nana also suggested packaging them in Chinese take out cartons for a safe ride home after the party.

The paints are hand-washable as is, but the paints have directions on how to make them dishwasher safe as well. I think we will probably skip that step for this project though. Check out this post for another cute project using the same paints.

Miss M lost her first two teeth within the last week. We looked at making a tooth fairy pillow (because just shoving it under your pillow loose is SOOO boring!). When I mentioned it to Cupcake Nana, she was able to find my old tooth fairy pillow. It is in pristine condition and since Miss M shares her Mama's fondness of "vintage", she loved it! Now I have to decide how much your first two teeth are worth!

Miss M and Nana made a 4th of July cake while we were visiting. Between all the motorcycle riding, swimming, thrifting, and other fun times, it was hard to find the time! You can see Miss M is still happy with the results though! Her motto when using sprinkles must be "More is More!"This is not birthday related, but I finally got around to posting a picture of this cute hanger project - also from Nikki at Whimsy-Love!
I just sanded the wooden hangers enough to get the paint to stick, painted them a coat of pink, sanded it again to make it look "old". Then I used modge-podge to stick on flowers I cut out of some scrapbook paper. Miss M did all the arranging of the cut-outs. Both grandmothers received a set of hangers and a new shirt back on Mother's Day. Oh yeah, I already had the paint and modge-podge, the hangers were $2/set at Target, and the scrapbook paper was really cheap too.
Guess that's it for now...we have overnight guests tonight and I am tired! Our childhood friend is driving through with his wife and two wee ones to see family in another state. It's been fun catching up with them though!


  1. What fun! The tiny cups-n-saucers, the toothless girlie girl & the hangers!
    Can't wait to see how the party come along!!

  2. Gosh I can't believe she'll be 6 already! She is looking so much bigger than when we moved a year ago...

  3. Love the little nearly 6 year old...but I must ask...where in the world does the time go?...seems like only yesterday...

  4. Your hangers are so cute! That's a great idea that I might have to try sometime!

    It's crazy that this year I'll have a 6 and 4 year old! Time goes by so fast! Sophie starts Kindergarten on Thursday. I'm so not ready...but glad that she is!

    I told Soph about Miss M losing another tooth! Soph is close behind!


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